24 Jan

A Cool Spot to Hang out

I own a second home in Brooklyn that I live in when I come to New York. It’s a nice little spot where I can go to relax and get away from everything. On my most recent trip to New York, I went to my second home and noticed that the air conditioner wasn’t working. It was working perfectly fine when I left it the last time, but for some reason, it refused to turn on. I had no choice but to get an AC replacement in Brooklyn with the help of a company that does work on HVAC systems for neighborhoods.

While waiting for the new air conditioner to be installed, I began to reminisce about my childhood. I grew up in a home that had an air conditioner that didn’t always work. On some days, it would put out cool air, and on other days, it would only put out room temperature air. On top of that, it would also leak water when left on for too long. We were poor, so we didn’t have any money to get it fixed, and we simply had to make due with the system we had. We also had box fans blowing to cool us down a little.

Every time I come back to Brooklyn, I hang out with some of my friends. They usually come by the house and we watch some movies before heading out to some of our favorite restaurants. I mentioned that my air conditioner stopped working and needed a replacement and one of my friends said that he thought he heard something funny coming from the air conditioner the last time it was used. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but it was probably a warning sign that it was on the verge of breaking.